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Head Picture of Alan Hi! I'm Alan Lofft and welcome to the AudioLofft. I was Editor in Chief of Sound & Vision Magazine for 13 Years in Canada, and Senior Editor at Audio Magazine in New York. So I guess you could call me an Audio, Video and Home Theater Expert.

I created the AudioLofft Report so you can become an Audio, Video and Home Theater consumer expert. I also write for and work with Axiom Audio, who manufactures award-winning Axiom Loudspeakers.

I've got all the facts on everything Audio, Video and Home Theater related, as well as a few secrets to share with you along the way. . .and I'm going to make the entire process simple, straightforward and fun!

Once you've gone through the AudioLofft courses you will never have to worry about being sold a bill of goods again - because you will be a consumer expert in all things Audio, Video and Home Theater.

PLUS - You can send me a personal e-mail with any questions that relate to your own Audio, Video or Home Theater situation.

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Regardless of your budget, or whether you already have an Audio, Video or home theater system, I am going to give you the honest truth about everything Audio, Video and Home Theater related.

So let's get started! I've designed the AudioLofft web site so you can simply point and click to go directly to the topic that you are interested in.

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About Alan Lofft
All About Alan Lofft – Alan’s own story and how he became an Audio, Video and Home Theater Expert
Home Theater Systems
If you want to know what Home Theater IS all about, this is the section for you --- This will give you the basic facts of what it takes to make up Home Theater systems
Home Theater Speakers
Defining what makes Home Theater Speakers unique.
Home Theater Placement
Home Theater Placement to get optimum sound.
Home Theater Design
Home Theater Design tips, resources, and links to help you set up your own home theater.
Stereo Loudspeakers
Loudspeakers are beyond a doubt the single most important element of any Audio or Home Theater system. We will take you through all the types, Bookshelves, Fronts, Centers, Surrounds and Subwoofers.
Surround Sound Speakers
Advice on how to select Surround Sound Speakers
A concise report on what subwoofers are, and why you'd want one, anyway!
Dolby Pro Logic ll
Finally, Dolby Pro Logic II explained! Help with your Dolby questions.
Stereo's Intrinsic Flaw
Stereo's Intrinsic Flaw: Why Multiple Channels Are Better
Center Channel Speakers
Center Channel Speakers. Play a huge importance to a home theater or any sound system...
Bookshelf Speakers
What bookshelf speakers suit your needs?
Surround Sound Systems
How to choose the perfect Surround Sound Systems
Audio Video Receivers and Amplifiers
. . . or just 'receivers' for short. We'll give you the facts and information you need to pick the Audio Video Receivers and Amplifiers that are right for you.
DVD Players
DVD Players are the least expensive of all the components that you need to make up a Home Theater system
TV and Projection Systems
There are lots of choices and loads of differences –having the right tv and projection systems will add to your home theater experience.
AudioLofft Masters Course - by Alan Lofft
If you're really serious about wanting to become an Audio, Video and Home Theater Expert then you can enroll in the AudioLofft Masters Course.... it's FREE!
Personal Home Theater Consultation from Alan Lofft
Need a Home Theater Consultation, or simply need to be provided with suggestions regarding what is going to work best for you in your particular Home Theater or Audio Setting.
Personal Advice from Alan Lofft on anything audio and video
Need Personal Advice or have a question on something Audio or Video related or maybe a second opinion on something - just send me your question and I will get back to you with an answer
Axiom Audio
Axiom Audio -- Award Winning Loudspeakers
How to Judge Speaker Sound and Accuracy
speaker sound, double-blind listening tests, amplitude, balance, describing speaker sound, neutral speakers
Maximize Your Home Theater Experience with Great Subwoofer Placement
How to fine-tune your home theater with perfect subwoofer placement.
DVI and HDMI Cable Quandry
Cable Quandary: Composite, S-Video, Component Video, DVI, and HDMI Connectors
Home Theater Package Recommendations
Home Theater Package Recommendations for several budgets and room sizes