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Axiom Audio: Maximum Realism, Unbeatable Value!
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Whether you're looking for a complete Home Theater system or a set of Bookshelves, Towers, or Surrounds, Axiom has the solution that is right for you. Starting at just $290 per pair, Axiom speakers have one goal: to bring you the most realistic sound experience possible, without requiring you to mortgage your home.

A complete home theater is possible for less than you think! You likely already have a tv - which doubles as a screen in your home theater. All you need to do is add a center-channel to focus the dialogue right at you, a left and right front speaker; a pair of smaller surround speakers to either side of your couch that carry all the effects and ambient sound of a movie or TV show - street noises, planes flying, the patter of rain, and all the myriad of other sounds that make up a complicated movie soundtrack. Lastly, most home theater systems add a subwoofer that produces ultra-deep bass sounds - rumbles, storms, deep musical bass and the like.

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