Home Theater Design

Advice and Resources

Trying to explain great home theater design could take a hundred websites or more! There are so many nuances to it that I will instead give you advice on tuning your home theater, getting home theater placement, and some recommended home theater equipment that will best suit your setting.

Tuning your own home theater is kind of like having your car serviced - it can make it sound much, much better - even NEW!

Click Here to read my article on Home Theater Tuning.

Click Here to Create a seamless soundstage. You'll be amazed at the sound quality difference a few inches can make!

If you want Bass, electric and acoustic--deep, low, and powerful, the low-frequency foundation that gives most music its rhythmic drive and pulls us into its ongoing momentum then Click Here...

To design a home theater you will need Power -- electrical surging amplified power. Take a look at my receiver review section Here...

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