Home Theater Speakers

What’s the difference between Home Theater Speakers and those for conventional stereo? Not a whole lot, except the main speakers at the front for a surround-sound home theater system should be magnetically shielded so you can position them near your TV monitor without danger of interference to the TV image. Click Here to see Axiom's Front speakers.

Another big difference relates to the number of speakers required and their physical size. As in stereo, you still need two at the front left and right, but they can be compact “satellites” that you can mount on the wall or a bookshelf near the TV.

Home theater also demands a special center-channel speaker that goes atop or beneath your TV to anchor the actor’s on-screen dialogue at the TV, no matter where you sit. Two small surround speakers at each side of the room are used for directional and ambient sound effects; and a sixth low-frequency effects speaker called a Subwoofer is used to deliver the movie-theater impact of those dinosaur footfalls and deep bass tones that the small satellite speakers can’t deliver. Because ultra deep bass is largely non-directional, you can tuck the subwoofer out of the way in a corner or at the end of the couch.

So home theater means six separate and distinct channels, and the goal is to replicate, in your own home, the surround-sound envelopment and integration of picture, drama, and sound that you experience in a commercial Dolby Surround movie theater, only on a smaller scale. All this is possible with one of Axiom's Epic Home Theater Speaker Systems, each of which includes the aforementioned five necessary speakers plus a powered subwoofer. And it's remarkably affordable - Excellent Home Theaters start at around $1300 U.S.

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Dim the lights, micro the popcorn. Let the show begin!

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